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In 1999 a quality assurance program was started in our centre, aiming to the GLP and GMP standards. Part of this process is the documentation and validation of data analysis processes and software. Since this is a demanding and labour-intensive, continuous process, we felt that the results of this work should be available for scientific use for all PET researchers. We hope that this would help, not only the beginning of new centers, but also us in developing the software and data analysing methods.


Please, don't use this page as a scientific reference. This site is not peer-reviewed, and any alleged information contained herein may in fact represent whim, caprice, bias, speculation, ignorance, or simply typographical error, rather than science.

We are not responsible for anything. The software may be freely used and distributed under GNU PUBLIC LICENCE (GPL) and GNU LESSER PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL); for more information on open source licenses see http://opensource.org. We hope that distribution would happen only through Turku PET Centre, to keep version management under control. Although modification for own use is allowed, we hope that you inform us of any bugs that you have found or improvements that you have made.


Software development team in TPC

  • Chairman Marko Tättäläinen
  • Jarkko Johansson
  • Chunlei Han
  • Harri Merisaari
  • Timo Laitinen
  • Sauli Piirola
  • Tony Shepherd
  • Vesa Oikonen
  • Sergey Nesterov

Previous team members:

  • Riku Klén
  • Kaisa Liukko (Sederholm)
  • Teemu Linkosaari
  • Nobuyuki Kudomi
  • Pauli Sundberg
  • Jani Ruotsalainen
  • Calle Laakkonen

1. Instrumentation

2. Image processing

3. Modelling

 3.1 Guide to modelling

 3.2 Reports

 3.3 Models

 3.4 Simulation

 3.5 Projects

4. SW development

 4.1 Usage

 4.2 Development

  • 4.3 File formats
  • 5. GPP

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